Friday, May 7, 2010

Fr. Arnel Ayo is celebrant-preacher on the 3rd day

Rev.Fr. Arnel Ayo talks about Annunciation: Discipleship as Commitment on the 3rd day of our novena-masses in honor of our patroness, Our Lady of Fatima.

The following were assigned on the 3rd day:

Commentator: Sophia Dematera

Lector: Regina Coeli Gabito

EMHC: Bro. Ruben Vitug & Bro. Romy Solano

Lead Commission: Commission on Service

Sponsoring Kapilya: Abuyog and Marinas KPC

Lead Choir: Abuyog Kapilya Choir

Ofie Velasco leads the rosary during the procession after the mass while 3 members of the f-Voice - Apol, Nath and Julie Mae - led in the singing of marian hymns.

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