Friday, May 14, 2010

Msgr. Rene focuses on a transformed leadership

Msgr. Reynaldo Mabute, vicar general of the diocese focuses on a transformed leadership as he says mass on the last day of the novena-mass in honor of our Lady, as he shares his thoughts on the theme, "At the Wedding at Cana: Transforming Leadership in the Community of Disciples."

Joining Msgr. Rene are the following:

Commentator: Adolfo Fajardo
Lector: Violeta Dedase

Eucharistic Ministers: Bros. Dan Delgado and Dan Funelas
Lead Sponsor: All religious organizations

Sponsoring Kapilya: Bibincahan East and Gabao Ibaba KPC

Lead Choir: LWCC Choir

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Fr. Arje's turn on the 8th day

Fr. Jose Arje L. Flestado celebrated the mass on the 8th day and in his homily shared his thoughts on the theme, "At the Wedding at Cana: Becoming Church of the Poor."

Commentator: Nikki Sipoy

Lector: Dharen Caballero

Eucharistic Ministers: Bros. Romy Solano and Ruben Vitug

Lead Commission: Commission on Youth

Sponsoring Kapilya: OLV-St. Vincent and Baribag KPC

Lead Choir: OLV Kapilya Choir

Novena prayers are said before the mass with Rica Lacson and Ofie Velasco alternately leading.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fr. Chrisly is main celebrant on the 7th day

Fr. Jose Chrisly B. EreƱo shares four significant points to explain the theme: "At the Finding of Jesus: Cost of Discipleship," in his homily on the 7th day of the novena-mass in honor of our patroness, Our Lady of Fatima.

Those who took part in the mass are as follows:

Commentator: Norma Caguia

Lector: Siory de Vera

Eucharistic Ministers: Bros. Ruben Vitug and Romy Solano

Lead Commission: Commission on Education

Sponsoring Kapilya: Cabid-an and Seabreeze Homes KPC

Lead Choir: Cabid-an Kapilya Choir

This day showed the least number of attendees, probably because of the ongoing elections.

Procession followed after the mass.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Msgr. Gerry on motherhood and our mission to proclaim the gospel

The pastor of the parish, Msgr. Gerry del Prado is the celebrant and preacher on the 6th day of the novena mass in honor of our patroness, Our Lady of Fatima. Aside from his wonderful sharing on theme on the "Magnificat: Sharing the Mission to Proclaim the Gospel", he also talked about the different images of motherhood, the day being mothers' day.

Given tasks on the 6th day are as follows:

Commentator: Jacky Villafuerte

Lectors: Mikhail Franz Flores and Glenn Sentes

Lead Commission: Commission on Media for Evangelization

Sponsoring Kapilya: Almendras-Cogon and Sampaloc KPC

Lead Choir: Fatima Parish Choir

One of the highlights of said mass was the blessing of all mothers.

After the procession of the image of Our Lady the vigil before the Blessed Sacrament for clean, honest, peaceful and orderly elections follows.