Saturday, September 12, 2009


Welcome to the Our Lady of Fatima Parish (Sorsogon City, Philippines) blog site. This is a project of the Commission on Media for Evangelization. This will serve as a chronicle of the activities and programs of this community, especially as we launch another phase of the pastoral plan of the Diocese of Sorsogon - DEEP (Diocesan Ecclesial and Evangelization Program). This will also serve as a chronicle of events of our community as we prepare to celebrate our silver jubilee, our first 25 years as a parish, in 2012.

Together with my parochial vicars--Fr. Jesse Enciso, Fr. Jose Arje Flestado, Rev. Jose Chrisly Ereno--the members of the Parish Pastoral Council Executive Committee, and in the name of all our parishioners, I welcome you to this our home in cyberspace.

Come and live our life as a community of faith, striving to build God's kingdom among us, through us. Get to know us. Share the spirit of our family and fellowship. Pray with us. Journey with us.

Parish Priest


  1. Nice blog, Msgr. Gerry!
    High tech na an Fatima Parish.
    Thank you very much palan sa magayunon na funeral Mass para ki Papa. Twenty five (all in all) na padi, 3 na diakono nan 2 na bishops na nagmisa, WOW, kaswerte san ama ko!
    Yadi na ako sa Pearland, nakabalik na, nag-abot ako kagab-i na pasado alas onse.

  2. kung mamarapatin mo po, i added your blogspot to my links.

    ingat lagi.

    regards and prayers.

  3. great job msgr. gerry - fantastic way to keep the parish together in this day and age of cyber interaction...may this be a new centre for giving the message of jesus to others...matt sdb

  4. I hope the mass schedules posted here are updated. I'm going to visit Sorsogon for the first time on Thursday. I'd like to hear mass in your parish :)